One fine day you get up and you feel like you have a headache, you have a running nose and you may have fever and you are not feeling at your best. Chances are you have a Flu! Now so it happens that you Mac is not working as expected, it could have slowed down, may not be starting up or may be doing something unexpected like not printing on the print command, the CD or DVD is stuck and is not coming out from the tray, the USB device you plugged in is not being recognized, spotlight is not working, email client is not working and a host of other issues. Your Mac has a Flu, a Mac Flu! But the good news is that it can be cured and it can be done with relative ease.


The operating system used by Mac is very robust and can be fixed by you or mac repair experts. There are some things you can try to do if you Mac is suffering from Mac flu like you would do if you were suffering from a flu in real life.
Time for some home remedies to cure your “Mac Flu”
Get some rest: The best thing you can do when you have flu is to take some rest. With you Mac, let is try to finish the operations it has been trying to do. Too many things open on your machine can slow it down, close all the application that you are not using at the moment and free up some memory for the application that you want to run. In many cases this will show results immediately.
Get some sleep: Getting sufficient sleep during a Flu can be all the difference to your recovery time when you get a Flu. So when closing applications did not work, you should turn off your Mac for a few minutes and then start it. Chances are your Mac will now function as expected. You may have to perform a safe boot or run disk utility. Also try removing all connected peripherals.
Taking medications: If none of the above two steps worked the problem may be a little deeper than it looks. Time for some medications to help you feel better. Look up the issues you are facing on Google and see if a simple fix is available. At time there may be some setting that you need to change or an application that can help you fix the problems.
Going to the doctor: If you have a case of flu that does not give you relief with over the counter medication, you would visit a doctor. In case of a Mac flu, that does not get resolved with the above steps, get in touch with a Mac expert who can help you fix the issues you are facing with the Mac. They have all the tools available to diagnose your problem and fix it for you, it can be from taking a backup of your data from your hard disk or reinstalling software and applications that are causing the issue you are facing.
Any issues that you are facing with your Mac computer or laptop that is causing this Mac can be solved, so go ahead and give it a try.


Recently I have tried to emphasize the importance of optimizing your website for mobile devices and using a responsive design that can accommodate different screen sizes. One of the most dominating almost these mobile platforms is developed and manufactured by Apple and it legendary iPhone and the iOS platform.
As the top selling smart phone, iPhone, is a beast – it is capable of many things and among them is web browsing, while iPhone is smart to load webpages ion the browser, the user experience is nowhere compared to a desktop unless the webpage has been optimized for a mobile device.

How much is the iPhone Market Share?

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Apple has sold over 72 million of these powerful smart phone and of these 72 million there are about 3o million iPhone users in US alone. If you have a website that targets US visitors, you just cannot afford to miss the opportunity of tapping in to this user base or worst letting your competitors cater to them before you.

So what should you do specifically for iPhone?

First is to optimize you website for mobile and then test your site on iPhone and see if all the functionality is as expected. Make sure the images load in the right place and the user can access important links and the information is readable on the screen without having to zoom in or zoom out from the phone. A website that looks good on the desktop may not at all look good on a mobile device due to the difference in screen size, resolution, colors etc. So it is imperative to test these design on a mobile device.
Visit all the key pages, if you have videos on the site, make sure the videos are playable on iPhone and other mobile devices. If you have embedded documents or other rich media, ensure that the rich media does load and display on the mobile screen. Develop an app for iPhone if your website cannot be change to fit the iPhone screen as a last alternative.
More and more people are using their phone on the go and as a primary device for browsing the web, making connections and purchases and iPhone is the device of choice for many of these. Among these people are your website visitors and customers (or future customers).
If you have any questions related to the infographics or testing you website on a mobile device leave it in the comments and I will get back as soon as possible.


We should all be focusing on the business side of the blog and catering to our audience. However from time to time we should look in to the technical aspects of the blog as well. Having a decent understanding of the technical side of the blog will help you manage your blog better. Many of you use WordPress and have your own RSS feed and many of you many also be subscribed to other blogs via their RSS feed. But how many of you know what RSS really is?

There was a recent survey conducted by RSS feed icon and they found out that only a handful of people, to be more precise about 17-34% people know what RSS feed was.

RSS is short for Rich Site Summary or often also known as Really Simple Syndication is a protocol used for providing a way for having a places to find frequents updates to a page, like a blog, image page, video page, news, etc.

RSS feeds are feeds than can be produced and accessed at a particular URL and can be processed by many applications. The most common use of RSS feeds to be used in RSS readers also know as aggregators which are used to post.

How RSS makes your life easy?

RSS feed is a great way to follow the sites you love and want to be updated with. You can use many ways tools to capture the RSS feed and process it for you. Some popular readers are Outlook, Google Reader, RSS Reader. You can pull the RSS feed URL of the sites and add it to the application of your choice. The application will periodically or on demand check those feeds for you and update the application. The updates can be as simple as a sign showing that there are updates or the application can download the full new content on to it.

Where is my RSS feed URL?

If you are using WordPress your RSS feed URL is likely at

Visit this URL on your WordPress powered site to see how an RSS feed looks like. There are many advanced plugins available for you to modify the contents of the RSS feeds. If you have not already placed thee RSS feed a very visible location on your site, you should be doing that now as there are many users who use those RSS feed.

A little known secret about RSS feeds is that they can be a good way to get some quick back links pointing to your site. There are many RSS feed directory that let you submit your RSS feed and they can be used to get some quick links to your site.


Some days back I shared an interested info graphics with you answer some of you had questions related to the things I had covered. I would like to answer those questions. If you still have any questions after


Is performing Search Engine Optimization for my website legal or unethical?

This is a great question. The way google opposes search engine optimization, it may almost seems like it is illegal or may be unethical. Let me assure you google is not defining any laws or morality. When people using black hat methods try to game the google algorithms, google gets pissed and makes changes to their algorithm or penalizes websites which they think are trying to game the system. If a SEO campaign is not managed properly it has the potential to get your website banned.

How to I select an SEO company? Which SEO company you recommend?

When selecting an SEO company, you should try to do due diligence and select the one that suits your needs. Some prefer a company in their region, some prefer a company that specializes in marketing for their industry. Many clients are more budget sensitive and many are more result oriented. Be sure to ask your service providers if they can offer any references of people who have used their service. Also ask them about the methods they use to perform their SEO. If they are being very secretive about their approach, chances are they are using some black hat methods and you should stay away from them.

How much will an SEO service cost me?

The best SEO service providers are expensive. That does not mean you cannot have a quality SEO service at an affordable cost. A small business can hire an SEO firm from as low as $99 per month, however at the price range of $999 per month, you can really start talking to some really good SEO companies.

Can I perform SEO for my site alongside search engine advertising or other types of promotion?

Search engine advertising can be done in conjunction with search engine optimization. In most cases doing both will make sense. Having a good search engine optimized site will increase your chances of ranking in the search engines and get exposed to new customers and the same results can be obtained by search engine advertising, however the former can be cheaper in many cases. As a small business you should try both of these and see what is working best in your industry.

I am open to answering more questions. Just send me an email and I will get back.


You started a brick and motor business or an online business. You spend the time and effort to establish an online presence but soon you were disappointed by the traffic you were receiving to your site. So you ventured in to programs like google ad words to get some targeted traffic. Yes the traffic was targeted but very expensive. In many cases on Google Adwords there are companies that have deeper pockets and are willing to bid you out. Even if Google Adwords or some other form of paid advertising gets you targeted visitors, it is expensive when compared to the potential of getting free traffic from search engines.

In the last few days we have laid out how one can perform SEO for their own small business. In this post I want to explain the importance of an SEO campaign for a business and how not having one could mean losing customers and business.

Let’s look at the analysis prepared by OptiHit in the below infographics.

Image Credit

Discovering your site

When customers are looking for service providers online they typically go to search engines and enter keywords that are related to the service. Let us consider an example of a bakery in New York. A prospective customer could be looking for any of the following keywords to find a bakery in new York.

  • Best cupcakes in nyc
  • Crossants in NYC
  • Bakery in New York City
  • Custom cake orders in Manhattan

These are some example keywords. A good SEO campaign starts by analyzing the keywords that a customer could be using to discover your business. Then strategic links are built to indicate to the search engines that the services provided by you are relevant to these search queries. Once your website starts ranking for these targeted search queries you will see a big increase in customer inquiries and conversion.

Cost consideration

A simple SEO service can start at approximately $99 per month and a more customer service can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,00- for small business. Now that may seem like a lot of money but SEO services managed by good SEO professionals have a very high return on investment. The people who are targeted in your SEO campaigns have a very high conversion rate. They are actively looking for the service you want to provide and are likely new to you. A typical SEO campaign has the potential to earn you any folds your investment in SEO.

SEO should be looked at as a marketing expense and one that is essential for any business to survive in a competitive business environment. Remember if you are not targeting online users, your competitors may be targeting them. A well panned SEO campaign can make all the difference to the existence of your business. Ranking well in the search engines for your desired terms will get your business and service presented to more users who are actually looking for those services. If you have not tried SEO for your site, think about hiring a professional or a company to do this in a systematic way for you.


If you are in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of Google panda and Google penguin updates that caused havoc in the search engine optimization and internet marketing world.

Is Google justified in penalizing the website it did for the artificial link building efforts?

Look, Google wants to have the best search results possible and the best user experience. If it allows people to openly game the search engine rankings, there will be spammers who will get their sites which may not add value to the users search efforts and make them go away from Google in the end. So they are protecting their business.


Should you be doing link building at all?

So if Google is going to go after you, should you be doing link building at all? Yes. Organic search engine traffic is a big source for new customers and exiting customers to discover about your search. So not making conscious effort to get in the top few results for your preferred search keywords, you will be harming your business.

So how does one be one the safe side of Google and still do SEO for their sites?

SEO keeps on evolving and one as to keep their knowledge up to do. Online just like offline one should take steps to promote their business. SO things that one would do as regular part of business keeping in mind promotion of the brand will help the local small business with its SEO.

Start a blog and add articles related to the products and services you offer. You should also add news related to the industry to keep the blog up to date.

  • Run offers that get written about on other sites. It can be coupons, deals or special offer.
  • Get a presence on social media. All your customers are likely on social media platforms. You should also be there.
  • Making periodic press releases when you have something news worthy to share about the industry, or the products you use or on any current topic relevant to the industry is also a good way to get links pointing to your website.
  • Get listed in all business and industry directories as possible. These are valuable, relevant links and many customers may also be browsing them to find you.

All these are ways to naturally market your site will help you build links that will help you climb in search engine. Google will also love them, there is nothing unnatural about these. Keep following these and make sure you pay the same importance to online marketing as you would to offline.


The rise of the smartphone means that there are more and more people coming online with their mobile browsers every day. The adoption of mobile browsing is way faster in pace as compared to the adoption of internet in general. Based on several statistics, the usage of mobile internet is expected to surpass desktop internet by the end of 2014. Now this is something. No technology has seen a faster adoption rate than this, it beats radio, TV, internet, mobile and everything ever invented before.  Mobile internet also has more penetration that desktop internet and also a lower cost of adoption. These factors are only going to help the adoption rate of mobile internet for a long time.


So what does this mean for your advertising ad and publishing strategy? It means you cannot ignore mobile when you plan for them.

Mobile Advertising

As the mobile internet usage increases, your customer is more likely to find you on a mobile device than a desktop personal computer. When making you should be thinking of how to make mobile advertising look good? Increase click through rates and get more conversion?

You must have dedicated banners, campaign and content that looks good on mobile device. Most ad networks let you target the platform you want to show your ads on. So when creating campaigns make sure the ads are optimized for the platform. To increase click through rates when doing local ads, it helps to add an address in the ad that can show that the service being offered is nearby the user.

Mobile Design

In general the pages designed for desktops are not by default suited for mobile devices. In best cases they load up with the text not readable or the images too small. This will require the user the zoom in to certain sections of the website. A dedicated design for portable devices browsing with responsive design is the way to go. With responsive designs, the page identifies the device it is being loaded on and adapts to the screen size of the device. Along with the layout t also adapts the font size and other design elements to create a beautiful user experience. Another option is to consider a separate mobile website. While this option may not be suited for most website, it may be needed for some.

An important consideration should be placed on page load time. Page load times plays a big role on user experience and ignoring it can mean the user can turn away even before they land on the webpage. There also several other factors one should focus on. This post from mashable on mobile design tips helps outline some key factors that must be kept in mind when design a mobile website.

With more and more people using their mobile phones, tablets and other types of portable devices every day, a business that does not cater to this trend will likely be left behind. The writing is on the wall. The future of internet is mobile and you must adapt to this change or your website or online business will be a dinosaur!

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It has been a wile since I have updated HMWT. I have been focusing my energy on The Money Mail, which is part of my ultimate challenge project.

I am happy to report, that things are going as per plan.

Getting involved in the community:  I have taken time to build relationships with bloggers and I know many upcoming bloggers in the space now. I have always said this and I will repeat, ‘”Building relationships is a key to become successful at blogging”. If you you don’t want to get involved in the community, consider making a different type of a website.

Starting a blog carnival: I started a carnival which links to other websites and blogs. I believe in giving before asking, so I want to link to other blogs before I request to do a guest post on their blog.

Adding resources: Much like I have added a resources page on HMWT, I have added a resources page on TMM. This page will point to all the important personal finance resources.

The result shows in the numbers I have achieved for the site, however what excites me more than numbers is the activity that is taking place on and off the site. My carnival will be hosted on another site. What this means is, more visibility for my website and potential to attract new readers. My Alexa ranking is below 250K, that in itself is a big achievement for The Money Mail, given the relative young age of the website. I have over 60 twitter followers and am closing in on 100 comments.

One area I want o improve in is getting organic search engine traffic. And the only thing that works is there is good quality backlinks. How do  I achieve that? A simple way to do that  is to submit you blog to some top do follow social bookmarking sites.

Here is a my selection of the top six social book marking sites I plan to submit my articles to.



I am going to start a blog, try to take it to the top of its niche; and document the whole process here. The topic will be in a (super) competitive niche but it will be something I am passionate about and can work on for a long time before seeing any rewards.

Why am I doing this?

I have a read a ton of advice and now it’s time to take action. I am documenting the whole process, because I want to share my success and failures with my readers. I will be experimenting with many tools, services, content type, strategies to in this live experiment. I will make mistakes but I am sure I will do some things right and you can see what works, what does not.

So without further ado, the website is called: The Money Mail and it is in the personal finance niche.

The Money Mail from the beginning to now.

I launched the site a few months ago. The original goal was to send daily summaries of the best personal finance posts around the web. I started with the process, but it was too time consuming –  sorting over 100 posts, reading over 20 and then summarizing 5-10 posts, every day (I will write a post in future showing how I did it)– for one person it did not make sense. So I got help from Virtual Assistants but it did not work out either. This made me reconsider the model for the site. I think the model has potential and something I will explore at a later stage.

I have used a manual web directory submission service for the site and it did help in getting the site indexed but nothing more. I am not sure if the cost was worth it, but as the site is in a very competitive niche, I did expect much. Currently there is practically no traffic to the site so the site is as good as new.

What are my NEW goals for the site?

I want The Money Mail to be a top personal finance site where people come to learn about organizing their personal finance, whether it is paying down debt, making a home purchase, buying insurance or planning a vacation.

Personal finance is a competitive niche; why not start with a smaller niche?

I have thought about this for a long time. Focusing on a smaller niche will definitely help me stand out and become an authority sooner. However it does not fit with the overall goal for the site. I want to position The Money Mail as a general personal finance site.

Strategy for “The Money Mail”

I want to approach The Money mail in a very methodical manner, so that anyone following this challenge can also use these steps and create their own strategy. I will be posting the results of each of these strategies here; we can all work together and keep motivating each other.

Step 1: Write awesome content.

I want to write five high quality articles for the site. These will be on topic areas and will become my anchor articles. I hope to direct new visitors to my site on to these articles.

Step 2: Write Guest posts.

Once I have all the anchor articles on the site, I will actively reach out for guest post opportunities. I will try to produce the best articles I possibly can. This would mean a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it.

Step 3: Continue writing good articles on The Money Mail

The primary goal of doing guest posting is to reach to an audience of a site that has a big following and get them to visit your site, but that is not enough, once I start getting visitors to the site, I want to show them my best articles and keep producing high quality articles in order to attract them again to the site.

Time to take action

So as I am off to write some articles, let me know if there are any personal finance topics you would like me to address or if you have any feedback or suggestions for me, please let me know in the comments.




The best time to start a blog is today, not just because starting earlier is always better, but it’s truer for blogging.

Getting success as a blogger takes a lot of time unless you get lucky and some of your posts go viral or you are already a celebrity. So the best advantage you can give yourself is to start now.

Beyond the obvious there are some more reason to start now.

Google will like it                                                  

Google looks at the age of a site and uses it in ranking your site in search engine results. The sooner you start the better. Often people put off the decision to start a blog and before you know a week has passed, then a month and then a year. Get started you have almost nothing to lose here.

There will be more completion tomorrow than today

Every day new blogs are started and more and more people are coming online. If you delay the launch of your blog, you will be entering in a more competitive arena.

It takes time to learn the details

If you have been on the fence and have probably read a few tutorials on how to make a website you already know the basics but there is more to learn and that will only make sense once you have started. Once you have launched your blog and you have the basic platform to get going, there are more tools and services to explore and take advantage of to promote your site and to monetize it.

Start early to start making connections (and backlinks)

If you start now, every comment you leave will help you to build a connection and backlinks to your site. You can refer people to your site and add a link in your forum and email signatures.

Experiment fail, experiment succeed!

Odds are that your first blogging experience may not be as successful as you expected. However if you start early, you will give yourself more time to fail and more time to succeed. It’s true that many blogs are started every day; it’s also true that many blogs die every day. You will need time to understand what works and what does not for your target audience or may even have to start again.


There should practically be nothing stopping you from getting started. If you want to learn the basics, watch the basics of making a website, to get some inspiration see my post on blog topics to write about.

Do you already have a blog? What got you started? If you don’t have a blog, what is holding you back?